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WSCA is a non-profit low power FM radio station. They received a PTFP grant to upgrade their “On-Air” booth equipment and wanted to upgrade the room at the same time. The goal was to create a clean, professional, safe and maintenance friendly space for very diverse programming and to promote the education of the amateur on-air talent.


Create comfortable human integration with equipment; design for easy use; must be usable for live performances by small music groups; design for easy maintenance; will be used as a teaching space.


A new room was built out from an existing open area. The old booth was left in tact as a “B” room. Light colors were used on the walls and a new floor and track lighting system was installed. The largest upgrade was the custom furniture. It can accommodate up to four guests and houses all of the equipment and cabling. The on-air talent has excellent site lines throughout the facility and has immediate access to all the electronic functions of the booth.

A complete upgrade to the cabling was installed by Sonic-Space and is completely hidden and securely fastened to prevent accidents and down time. All the cabling has been installed in bundles and is labeled for easy troubleshooting. The construction materials, labor and furniture were all donated by local companies keeping the budget very low for the project.

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