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“Great guy, great expertise, and willing to push the envelope!” - Michael Stuber, Uberblend

Post in Gearslutz: "He did our studio here and we absolutely love it. Very nice guy and totally gets the acoustic / technical AND aesthetic aspects necessary. Went above and beyond with post-sale support to make sure we continued to be happy with the room. Type of guy that not only does good work, but you actually enjoy spending time with him and he knows how to listen!” - Alden Fertig, Uberblend


Owner, Michael Stuber, commissioned Sonic-Space to convert a 175 square foot office within a warehouse space into a control room that would also be used for narration recording.


Provide a large work surface; create an airy, bright and clean space within a room with no windows; must be able to add a quiet air handling system in the future; optimized for critical listening.


This room incorporates many deep broadband traps to control low frequency energy and mid to high frequency reflections. The front wall trap is a curved acoustically transparent fabric surface which hides the studio monitors creating clean look and increased trap depth. The side and rear walls incorporate broadband absorbers and cylindrical reflector panels which move energy to diffusers in the ceiling. The ceiling is a large broadband trap that does not touch the walls and incorporates perimeter lighting causing the ceiling to “float” and give the room an airy feel.

The color scheme was chosen to create a bright feeling space and the modular treatment was designed to have a clean look and make the room look larger. Large hidden penetrations were designed into the space to allow for the easy installation of an air handling system in the future. The desk is a seven foot wide curved surface with a lowered video monitor bridge to keep the video screens at a comfortable viewing angle and to hold reference monitors. The monitor system includes a pair of Genelec S30 active monitors and a Dangerous Music Monitor ST.

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