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“The design far exceeded my expectations; I trust what I hear in this room now - it translates great” - Gus Deveau, Little River Sounds

“This is how I want my room to sound.” - Michael Stuber, Uberblend


Owner, Gus Deveau, commissioned Sonic-Space to design a control room that would also serve as a recording room all within an attic space of only 320 square feet.


Provide a technical power system; create comfortable human integration with equipment; must be easy to re-organize the space; design variable acoustic environment; optimize for critical listening.


A mobile acoustic system was incorporated to accommodate the program of the space. The room can convert from a control to a recording space. Five custom built diffusers were hung from a track allowing them to be positioned as required for each session type. The equipment was mounted into a custom modular ergonomically designed control desk on wheels. The power system is derived from one circuit and includes surge suppression and a UPS. The monitor system starts with a Benchmark DAC1 into a modified Klark Teknik DN410 then a Bryston 4B which feeds a pair of SLS PS8’s.

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