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Twin brothers Jonathan and Christopher Reynolds of the group TheGenetics, commissioned Sonic-Space to design two separate control rooms to be installed into rented apartments that are a couple of blocks apart. One is a third floor bedroom of 195 square feet and the other is a basement space of 115 square feet. Each room has to work for each individual in addition to allowing them to move easily from one studio to the other as they collaborate on there many projects.


Room treatments for both studios are to be removable and are to keep wall and ceiling penetrations to a minimum; equipment set-ups are to be similar; some equipment is to be removable in order to go on live shows; clients are six foot four inches tall and have lower back issues so ergonomics are critical; optimize for critical listening.


Each room incorporates its own unique modular treatment scheme based on similar design concepts. Both rooms incorporate a deep speaker wall trap system with acoustically transparent fabric hiding the monitors. The traps are resting on open frames to allow for easy cable runs, access to power outlets and to prevent them from attaching to the walls. One of the rooms is acoustically open to a large basement so the treatment did not have to be as aggressive as the one with plaster walls.

Both rooms have identical custom rolling equipment racks and desks that are set slightly higher than the normal desk height. The tops of each rack is a miniature removable rack so that they could take there microphone preamps to live gigs. The monitor system includes KRK V8’s and Yamaha NS10’s.

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