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“This is a company that has a personal touch and excels in meeting individual needs.” - Jason Hearst, hearstudios


Owner, Jason Hearst, commissioned Sonic-Space to design a 300 square foot control room within a very live 1,700 square foot basement of a house being rented for just a couple of years.


Room treatments are to be movable and usable in a different space in the future; must reuse existing treatments from previous control room; new treatments can not cause any damage to house; cable system from previous studio must be reused; optimize for critical listening.


This project became proof that the previous design for this client fulfilled its requirement of being able to move to a different space. The treatments were removed from the old space and designed into this new space. The treatments were used in different ways in some cases but were easily reused. A new treatment system was also created due to the new spaces size.

This system is a free standing “room” that was created from a custom modular set of similar gobos made from 2x6’s. This includes a ceiling system that is held up from the gobos so that none of the treatments have to be attached to the existing structure. A floor trap was created to combat the concrete floor reflection at the speaker end of the room.

The old equipment setup was moved over and expanded with no need to eliminate old cables. The monitor system includes Barefoot Sound MicroMain27’s.

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