P r o c e s s .

Below is a brief overview of the general steps involved.

1. Project Conception

First we study your facility and learn about what you do and the requirements for your project. We can then develop the concepts of the design with sufficient detail to evaluate space utilization and feasibility.

2. Design Development – More conception

Upon approval of the conceptual design, we can begin to develop the details for your space. This includes the furniture design and layout, acoustic treatments, architectural details, audio/video systems design, noise isolation systems, mechanical systems layouts, technical power systems and lighting systems layouts. We also create computer rendered visual presentations of your space to show the architecture and design concepts of your space.

3. Project Management/Construction Supervision

We can help with the selection of your contractor and/or meet with your contractor prior to construction to insure that everyone involved has a good understanding of the specifications. We can help you with construction cost analysis and we can also help mange the project and resolve any issues should they arise during construction.

4. Testing and Calibration

Once the project is near completion we can schedule a session to evaluate the room and assist in the tuning/calibration of the speaker to room coupling. In the case of an existing space we will gather base line measurements as a basis for creating improvements.


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